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 Proximity Detection Powered
by M2MD Technologies, Inc


The world's most accurate stand-alone proximity tracking capability. Superior to Bluetooth, UWB, and Wi-Fi based positioning technologies.

Simple To Use  |  Easy To Deploy  |  Protect Employees And Customers  |  Across All Industries  | Wearable Device  |  Analytics & Contact Tracing


Unique utilization of Ultrasound and Bluetooth signals to determine distance between devices. Visual, audio and vibration notifications for intrusion alerts starting at 6 feet.

Fast deployment now while planning for future features using Wi-Fi, BT, Ultrasound, 4G CAT 1 LTE, and Wi-Fi RTT

  • Attractive, yet durable design that will withstand tough work environments

  • Long lasting battery to last at least 10hrs of continuous proximity detection (900mAH battery)

  • Collection of non-personal data and intrusion alerts with device ID and timestamps to create contact tracing reports

  • Open API for 3rd party integration

  • Secure back-end Architecture

  • Web-based analytics dashboard


Fast and Economical Deployment

No additional infrastructure required for device proximity detection making this a low-cost and easy to deploy social distancing solution. Ready to use right out of the box.

Real-time Detection Alerts

Customizable alerts that are based on set distance parameters. Notifications change with proximity variation starting at 6 feet.



The small wearable form factor is designed to withstand tough working conditions while attractive enough to wear around the office. Can be used outdoor or indoor where social distancing is required.

Social Distancing Measuring

Unique point to point distance measuring solution that provides superior accuracy within 3cm. This provides more precision and less false reporting than other Bluetooth, UWB, and Wi-Fi based positioning technologies. 


Data Capture  and Contact Tracing Reports

This solution provides a mechanism to ensure users are practicing recommended social distancing guidelines while capturing critical contact tracing data allowing for companies to take proactive measures in the prevention of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses.

Coolpad's Customized Solution

Built with state-of-the-art technology that supports future connectivity and advanced features such as LTE and Wi-Fi RTT.


A Solution Made Simple

How it Works

Transmitting Device

Each device autonomously transmits its unique identifier periodically using both a Bluetooth Low Energy packet and an ultrasonic audio packet. Our solution uses an FSK coded ultrasonic signal that contains the device unique identifier.

Receiving Device

Each receiving device monitors for Bluetooth identifiers and the associated ultrasonic audio identifiers.  Measuring the time difference of arrival between the Bluetooth packet and audio packet, it is possible to calculate the distance to an accuracy of 3 cm or better.

Proximity Detection Accuracy

Coolpad Bubble is the most accurate solution in the market allowing for increased precision and less false reporting.

Comparison of Positioning Technology Accuracy 

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